Tech Use on College Campuses – 60% of Students Say they Wouldn’t Attend a School that Doesn’t have Free WiFi

December 22, 2011

It’s not news that this generation of college students is wired, but just how wired they are – and when they want face-time – can be seen in a new infographic showing research into technology use and preferences on campuses.

Asked which single website or online resource they couldn’t live without, only 3% picked Facebook, while 11% said Wikipedia and 36% said Google.

As for the most important software and applications for college students? Unsurprisingly, word processors are the most vital to 76% of students, but email came in second with 66% of students – so much for the theories that youth aren’t emailing. Scan the infographic to learn more….

Technology Use on the College campus
Via: Online Colleges Guide