TV Segment with Linda Criddle – Online safety calendar keeps computer users safe and on track

October 26, 2010

A new online safety calendar application you can download for free to your computer reminds you of important internet safety actions you should be taking.

To talk about this new free consumer service, Komo TV interviewed Linda Criddle, president of LOOKBOTHWAYS who spends a good deal of each day trying to protect people who go online from the bad guys in cyber-space.

Working with Microsoft, her company, LOOKBOTHWAYS LLC, has developed a clever new way to fight the crooks and make you a smarter computer user. The online safety calendar is a monthly pop-up that reminds you of important things you should do.

“There’s a section for everyone, any age, if you’re an Internet user, you need to be thinking about these things,” Criddle said. “There’s a section specifically for parents or caregivers as they’re trying to take care of kids. And we have a section that appears some months, where there’s an event you should be doing, whether it’s time to change your password, or it’s time to check your credit history.”

A link to the video Online safety calendar keeps computer users safe and on track can be found on our Video and Pods section. Just scroll down to find the clip.

LOOKBOTHWAYS LLC also provides the advertising free consumer website to help consumers stay safer online.


Microsoft Sponsors New Internet Safety Calendar App by LOOKBOTHWAYS

September 22, 2010

Microsoft has sponsored the creation of a new, free, Internet Safety Calendar application, that consumers can download to their Internet Explorer browser (Note: only IE is supported at this time).

To access the new Internet Safety Calendar application, go to Microsoft’s

Built by LOOKBOTHWAYS, the calendar provides relevant monthly advice to help you increase your online safety whether you’re looking out for your own safety, or you are a parent watching over your family’s safety. The calendar also includes reminders for recurring those safety actions you know you should be doing, but that frequently get forgotten in the rush of day-to-day activities.

Each month, the calendar will send you a note reminding you to check the calendar for important online safety advice, but you can also view the app at any time by selecting Online Safety Calendar under the Tools menu.

Here’s a view of the Online Safety Calendar application, and September’s content for parents:

It’s easy to improve your safety with just a few simple actions each month.