Worst Facebook Posting Gaffes

November 10, 2010

In an interview for Forbes.com, Linda Criddle, President LOOKBOTHWAYS and the Safe Internet Alliance outlined the most common mistakes consumers make when interacting through social networks.

To read the full article, click here. Read on for an excerpt of Linda’s comments.

Most of the advice about what not to do on Facebook “is falling on deaf ears” says Linda Criddle, president of the Safe Internet Alliance, “there’s a disconnect between the advice and the actions.”

Criddle points out that at one time she had just 23 friends on LinkedIn. If you added the friends of her friends, the network was several thousand people. Adding the friends of those friends, she got to three-quarters of a million people. “Once you’ve shared something with any friends, it’s in their power, not yours, how far it goes. These friends may have their sharing set to public,” warns Criddle.

There are no records of how many thefts have been committed with the help of Facebook profiles or other social networking sites. Notes Criddle, “There’s not a place on the police report for ‘enabled by information found online.'” But police are increasingly aware of the problem, she says, and the FBI is also getting up to speed on Internet-enabled crime. The challenges: These are not topics that most officers learned about at the police academy, and as municipal budgets are cut across the U.S., fewer officers are having to do more work.

The safest thing to do is to put your privacy settings on the least public option possible–and still think twice before you friend strangers or post telling personal details.