New Weekly Headlines Inspired Online Safety Lesson: This Year’s Social Networking Trend: Private – It’s the New Public!

December 28, 2011

As promised, I’ll be posting the weekly internet safety lessons that I’m writing in collaboration with the internet safety group iKeepSafe that will introduce digital literacy, safety, security and privacy topics to students and families through current news articles.

The latest lesson is This Year’s Social Networking Trend: Private – It’s the New Public!

Here’s a quick overview: News reports about the repercussions of sharing thoughts, attitudes, actions photos, videos, and more through online services have increasingly been making headlines this year. Whether personal information and private comments are exposed through leaks, hacks, changes in privacy settings, new features, or general indiscretion, the fallout is beginning to catch up with consumers of all ages. This lesson will help students and families develop an understanding of the very real likelihood that any content they post online will be seen by far more people than they intended to share with, and how understanding this reality can help them make smarter choices about what and what not to share. Take a look and start the conversation in your home…..