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You would think spammers could at least get their subject line worked out – no one should fall for an email scam that has two exclamation marks in the subject line – and a blank space in between to boot.

Unfortunately, people are falling for this latest scam rerun against PayPal users so it’s worth revisiting.

Test Your Skills

You should be able to find at least twelve red flags that tell you this e-mail is fraudulent. Click on the picture below to see the answers, but try to find them yourself, first. If you find seven, you’re a pro with little to worry about. If you find fewer than six, consider practicing on some more of our spam scam examples.

Here are the red flags that show this is a scam:

  1. The subject line has multiple exclamation marks (and a gap) trying to convey a sense of urgency so you’ll act before you think
  2. The email comes from an entirely bogus account that has nothing to do with PayPal – as a quick search demonstrates:
  3. Though the service is notifying you of a problem, they don’t know who you are.
  4. Professional companies don’t litter their emails with exclamation marks
  5. Poor grammar, missing punctuation and failure to use PayPal’s formatting
  6. Pushing urgency – you have 3 days to act or your account will be cut off.
  7. All the links on the site go to the same URL – which can be seen by hovering over any of the links (Don’t click!) The listed URL, http://phonecodmanacadamy should be enough to convince anyone that it’s not a PayPal address.



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