In her books, Linda Criddle, Internet safety expert, uses real-life examples to explain risks to safety on the Internet, and gives simple, practical advice about how to avoid them. Click on either book to purchase.

Courageous Parents
Confident Kids

LookBothWays Help protect your
family on the Internet

Using The Internet Safely for Seniors

In this book, fourteen experts share knowledge, insight and encouragement for parenting with courage. Linda Criddle has contributed the chapter, How to Say Yes to Your Kids’ Online Activities…read more This book offers a practical education to help make the internet a safer place for you and your family. Learn the 14 ways in which you can help…read more Here’s the guide you need to steer Safely through the hazards so you can shop, visit, invest, explore, pay bills, and do dozens of other things online – more securely. Learn to protect yourself online… read more

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