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Exposing Private Information

Protecting Kids on Social Networks

Careful Where You Click

Talking to Kids About Online Safety

Video Clips of Linda on TV

Services monitor kids’ social media accounts for key words
In an interview for KOMO TV in Seattle, Linda Criddle gave both SocialShield and SafetyWeb a test run. Here’s the article, and a link to the video coverage. Click to Watch the story
Couple trying to return online gift gets death threat instead
Imagine buying something online and the product not working out, and then when you try to return it the merchant not only refuses to take it back, they threaten to kill you. Click to Watch the story
Online safety calendar keeps computer users safe and on track
Computer pop-ups are a pain. But now, there’s a pop-up you can ask for that’s designed to make you safer when you go online. Click to Watch the story
That harmless post could be a gold mine for criminals
Across the country, police are linking home burglaries to information posted on social networking sites. Click to Watch the story
Beware of con artists on the prowl on Facebook
Cyber con artists turn your Facebook into an open book. They hack into your Facebook account and pretend to be you. Once they take over your Facebook account, hackers can often take control of your e-mail. Click to Watch the story
Simple steps to keep online banking safe
“You could make a good argument that online banking is actually safer than traditional banking because thieves have all kinds of ways to get your paper records and online transactions are encrypted,” says Greg Daugherty, executive editor at Consumer Reports. Click to Listen
The high cost of modern technology
These days, GPS devices are everywhere. And thanks to the technology, we can know where someone is at any time, even without them knowing. But invading someone else’s privacy comes at a cost. Click to Watch the story
Program lets parents monitor kids’ cell phone use
Parents give their kids cell phones as a way to stay in touch and keep them safe, but it’s also a way for predators to reach your kids. But now a product has been developed that lets parents monitor their kids’ cell phone texting. Click to Watch the story
‘I just didn’t expect this kind of violation’
A disgruntled ex-worker who is just a little bit tech savvy can be extremely vicious in their revenge. And a Tacoma woman found out first hand what it’s like to be at the receiving end of this kind of stalking. Click to Watch the story
Most wedding registry information available for all to see
It’s a day filled with flowers, friends, and love — a day some little girls plan their whole lives. But couples planning their weddings aren’t necessarily considering their safety. Click to Watch the story
MySpace Is Really Everyone’s Space
As the site continues to increase in popularity, the consequences of users posting personal information are becoming more apparent and congress is even discussing imposing restrictions on the site. Click to Watch the story


Children’s Identity Theft for KKZZ radio

Listen to Linda Criddle’s Radio interview with Billy the Brain in an interview on Children’s Identity Theft for KKZZ radio in Ventura, California. …

The Korelin Report

Linda Criddle, Microsoft veteran and internet security expert, discusses the importance of making sure you can successfullyl identify scams in email, on websites, or when posted as comments on social sites. Click here to download this MP3 audio segment from The Korelin Report

Mojo Mom Podcast – Download free podcast episodes by Amy Tiemann…

Courageous Parenting series: Mojo Mom and Internet Safety Expert Linda Criddle, The Mojo Mom Podcast is back with new shows for 2010! …

Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Internet SafeCooty Discussion With Expert Linda Criddle…

Internet Safety Discussion with expert, Linda Criddle – join in! Monday, July 16, 2007. Free Staff Development/ Webcasts/ Podcasts at …

Mojo Mom: Mojo Mom Podcast and Internet Safety: Facebook

In this week’s show, after Sheryl and I talk, I am joined by Internet Safety expert Linda Criddle. Listen to the podcast now…


Cubcast is an audio podcast featuring a variety of how-to and information …. This month’s issue interview covers Internet safety with Linda Criddle…

Radio Free Security Podcast: WatchGuard

Radio Free Security podcast from WatchGuard: Keep up with the … Online safety consultant and “white hat stalker” Linda Criddle of Look Both Ways describes…

WoW 2.0 Show # 36 with Linda Criddle, Internet Safety | EdTechTalk

Jul 18, 2007 … Linda Criddle, Internet Safety Expert (45 min) …… 21:41:20 cheryloakes wow2 this chat and podcast will be posted on Thurs….

MojoMom: Mojo Mom Podcast with Linda Criddle and Internet Safety; Jan 23, 2010

This week on the podcast, I talk with internet safety expert Linda Criddle, founder of the site I talk about a number of situations that feel difficult or helpless for me as a parent. Linda shares practical safety strategies…

PodcastDirectory | Episode: Mojo Mom & Internet Safety Expert Linda Criddle Episode; October 2006

Podcast listeners are by definition internet users. … Amy has an eye-opening chat with internet safety expert Linda Criddle, author of “Look Both Ways…

Mojo Mom Podcast: What you need to know about new Facebook rules, and, tech and relationship violence; May 2010

Confused about Facebook’s new privacy policies? Join the club! Given that the new privacy policy is longer than the United States Constitution, I called on world-renowned internet safety expert, Linda Criddle, for a substantial discussion…

Safe Internet Alliance Podcast: New Online Demographics: What the Numbers Mean for Providers, Advertisers and Safety

Representatives from the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, the Pew Internet & American Life Project and the U.S. Internet Industry Association (USIIA) discuss the new communities coming online in record numbers in the United States, including minorities, women, seniors and very young users…

Safe Internet Alliance Podcast: Summer Internet Safety Tips

Representatives from Microsoft and AOL discuss online safety tips for summer and how these tips can help children and youth safely use the Internet while on summer vacation….

The Experts’ Take on the New Online Demographics

What does increased Internet use and changing online demographics mean for consumers and those interested in online security and safety?

Summer Safety Tips Q & A…Second in a series for a safe Internet

Online safety suggestions for families, teens and children, hosted by Safe Internet Alliance president Linda Criddle, featured Kim Sanchez of Microsoft and Holly Hawkins of AOL – advice that can help users safely navigate the Internet during the increased leisure time that summer brings….


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