Other Safety Resources


This Web site features an interactive forum where parents, teens, and others can ask and answer each other’s questions about safe blogging. The forum is staffed by experts who make sure that all questions are answered with accurate up-to-date information. You’ll also find articles and tips on the subject.


Cyberbullying is sending or posting harmful or cruel text or images using the Internet and cell phones, computers, and other such devices. This site offers guidance to parents and teachers on how to watch for and prevent cyberbullying.

Families Online Magazine

This online magazine offers expert parenting advice about children from infancy to teens by doctors, teachers, psychologists, nutritionists, and child safety and child development specialists.

The Internet Protectors

The Internet Protectors is a new Web site that allows people to connect on vital issues of online security with an emphasis on technology tools. The site offers video tutorials that help you set up and use security tools, as well as discussion forums on a variety of Internet-safety related topics.


This Web site gives straightforward advice and tools that give relevant practical solutions to real problems. It’s an excellent resource that provides books, workshops, training, and educational materials to teach people of all ages and abilities to use their power to stay safe, act wisely, and believe in themselves.

Online Shopping Rights

Online shopping is not only convenient, but is often the best way to get the best price. Get savvy about getting safe bargains with the comprehensive information at Online Shopping Rights. It coveres everything from how to protect your personal information and use your credit card when you shop online to how to secure your wireless network and steer clear of spyware.

Parenting With Dignity

This site offers parenting books and videos as well as a program that provides a proven framework for raising kids in a time when external pressures have never been greater.


SafetyClicks.com is AOL’s new Internet Safety site for families and includes articles, blogs, videos. The site is designed to help educate parents about how to best protect kids and teens in a Web 2.0 world.


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