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For many years I was the online safety and technology expert for MSN and Windows Live. In that role you asked me many of your Internet safety questions and though most of you didn’t know who was answering, it was my great privilege to help. Learn more about me.

For the last several years I have have my own company, LOOKBOTHWAYS Inc. The company’s mission is to make the Internet safer for all consumers. Our gift to consumers is this website, which we created to help you learn how to navigate the Web safely and on your own terms.

This Web site is not affiliated, hosted, or managed by any company and there is no advertising. Any product or service I mention here is because I chose to write about it — either to praise it or to point out its shortcomings.

How to ask me a question

  • Send me an e-mail to I try to answer questions within a week, but with nearly 3 billion Internet users worldwide, I may not be able to respond right away.
  • We do not collect personal information. Period. After I’ve answered you, I delete any e-mail you send me along with your e-mail address. (Note that there is no registration on the site either).

In addition to providing free web resources to consumers, LOOKBOTHWAYS Inc. specializes in understanding the Human Factor in Online Safety. The company develops internet safety technologies; provides product design, safety reviews, and other consulting services to leading technology companies; and advises regulatory bodies, and various law enforcement agencies.

LOOKBOTHWAYS also has a foundation dedicated to bringing a holistic K-12 curriculum to schools, and is in the process of fulfilling its commitment to build a full integrated K-12 NetSkills4Life curriculum that is available free of charge for schools, families and the public at large.


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