Welcome to the iLOOKBOTHWAYS website. This site is brought to you by LOOKBOTHWAYS LLC., for one purpose – to provide consumers of all ages the best information on internet safety, security, privacy and ethics available.

Who we are:

LOOKBOTHWAYS LLC.’s mission is to make the Internet safer for all consumers. In addition to providing free web resources to consumers, LOOKBOTHWAYS LLC. specializes in understanding the Human Factor in Online Safety. The company develops internet safety technologies; provides product design, safety reviews, and other consulting services to leading technology companies; and advises regulatory bodies, and various law enforcement agencies. The company also provides internet safety training to State departments of education, school districts, schools, teachers, students and parents, seniors groups, organizations, and so on.

Our Consulting:

We provide a broad range of online safety and security consulting services for companies of all sizes. Services include technical reviews, product reviews, feature and content development, child safety compliance, policy evaluations, safety education etc. For more information, contact Linda@look-both-ways.com.


The LOOKBOTHWAYS Foundation:


The  LOOKBOTHWAYS Foundation believes all consumers have right to a positive, rewarding online experience. Our goal is to educate consumers of all ages about how to use online services safely by providing needed skills and safety training.  We are currently developing a full, K-12 curriculum titled NetSkills4Life that is available at no cost to consumers.  To learn more about the principles and the people behind this curriculum, see our information on the website.  For more information email Linda@look-both-ways.com.










Our team:


Linda Criddle – President LOOKBOTHWAYS

Linda Criddle is founder of LOOKBOTHWAYS, LLC. Before establishing the company, Criddle spent 13 years at Microsoft where she was a pioneer in online safety for the MSN division and more broadly for the entire company due to her deep understanding of online predatory behavior and her ability to create practical, technical, and policy-based solutions.

The depth and breadth of Linda’s online safety expertise is reflected in her collaboration with LOOKBOTHWAYS’ Chief Technology Officer, David Milstein, in the creation and filing of numerous patents on behalf of Microsoft in the areas of emerging technologies and online safety. Criddle and Milstein have continued this collaboration with multiple patent filings for LOOKBOTHWAYS.

Criddle is a tireless advocate for online safety. Her passion and talent for teaching Internet safety principles has benefited youth, parents, and educators, law enforcement and corporations. She is author of the award-winning consumer-oriented book, Look Both Ways: Help Protect Your Family on the Internet, and Using the Internet Safely for Seniors For Dummies.  Criddle has also contributed a chapter titled How to say YES to your kids’ online activities in the book Courageous Parents, Confident Kids, and she has written “Internet Safety for Educators,” a distance-learning course offered through Washington State University and through the University of Alaska.

Criddle has collaborated with local, state, national and international law enforcement agencies, primarily helping with investigations into the online activities of child predators, and teaching digital forensics. She also works with government organizations in the U.S. and around the world to prepare online safety regulations and legislation.

Criddle is also the past president of the Safe Internet Alliance whose mission is to promote a safe Internet, and better educate and protect all users, especially children, teens and the elderly, from online exploitation. The Alliance’s charter is to build collaboration across the full spectrum of Internet industries to prevent online crime, and abuse.

David Milstein – Chief Technology Officer

David has 14 years experience in software development, software development management, and program management. Before joining LOOKBOTHWAYS, David was working as a software development consultant for start-ups in the Seattle area.

Prior to his consulting work, David spent 9 years at Microsoft in various software development and development management positions, working in Cryptography, GSM, Smartcard, Mobile Services, and Mobile Device technologies. Prior to Microsoft, David was the head of software development at Fortress U&T, an Israeli start up that was sold to M-Systems in the year 2000.

David holds 43 issued and pending patents and has a B.S. in Computer and Electronics Engineering from Ben-Gurion University. David’s various patents can be viewed by clicking here.

David lives in the Seattle area and is the father of 3 children.


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