New Online Safety Lesson: Using Twitter Wisely

The 10th installment in the lesson series I’m writing on behalf of iKeepSafe, focuses on teens and Twitter use.

Teens are increasingly turning to Twitter as an alternative or addition to other social media platforms. Like any technology, it has its own language, culture… and risks. How are teens using Twitter and how can they minimize privacy concerns? While you can make your Twitter account “private,” or even use a pseudonym, others may still be watching-including peers, school officials, parents, and even Homeland Security.

As we learn to integrate new technologies into our everyday lives, students and professionals alike grapple with the thorny questions of the boundaries surrounding freedom of speech, appropriate speech, and content censoring. Read on for a primer on Twitter-speak, and find out who’s Twittering… and who’s reading.

To see and use this lesson, the companion presentation, professional development materials, and parent tips click here: Using Twitter Wisely 



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