What Does Your Online Image Project About You? Infographic, Video, and Research from Microsoft

Consumers underestimate how much their online activities contribute to online profiles and influence online reputations according to new data from Microsoft.

For example, “social networking activities are ranked as only the 4th highest contributor to online profiles.  Yet, photos or comments posted on a social network, webpage or blog are the leading contributors to positive AND negative influences to people’s online reputation.”

Microsoft’s material is excellent, and their findings should be a wakeup call to anyone who hasn’t yet paid attention.

This data highlights just how damaging a bad online reputation can be through an infographic, a video infographic, and the more traditional forms of information sharing – a report and a PowerPoint.

As Facebook forces their Timeline feature on all users, and Google shoves ‘Search Plus Your World’ down users throats, Microsoft’s information couldn’t be more timely.



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