Please Consider a Year-End Donation to the 501c3 iLOOKBOTHWAYS Foundation Today!

We’ve now begun our 6th year of providing iLOOKBOTHWAYS content, advice, skills, and materials to you, and it is an honor to provide this to the many thousands of readers who turn to us for insight.

This year we’ve written over 200 blog posts on internet safety, security, privacy, emerging technologies. We’ve outlined how these impact your daily lives, your futures, and what you can do to be better protected.  We’ve also published a booklet titled Internet Safety For Victims of Violence to help anyone who needs to remain anonymous online.

We’ve given numerous TV, radio and print media interviews; provided support for the National Association of Attorneys General initiative against the scourge of human trafficking; written safety, security, and privacy content for companies and other non-profits; and we’ve lectured and taught students, teachers, parents, administrators and law enforcement agencies across the country.

NetSkills4Life This year also has seen the launch of our NetSkills4Life curriculum with the first 4 (of 36) fully interactive lessons available to students, teachers, families and the public free of charge through the site. Your response to these lessons has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic – with one demand – you want more lessons!

How have we done it? With lots of determination and a shoestring budget.

We have never asked individuals for donations in the past, but to keep the development of the NetSkills4Life curriculum going, we need your help even as we recognize that these are uniquely challenging economic times. Our 501c3 status means you can use any donation as a tax deduction!

Every dollar given goes directly to funding the NetSkills4Life curriculum – our blogs and other outreach is still done 100% through volunteer work.

Best Wishes, Linda and the iLOOKBOTHWAYS Foundation Team


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