No Forced Kisses for your Kids: A Holiday Safety Tip for Families

I’d like to bring your attention to a great article written by a fantastic woman on behalf of an amazing organization called Kidpower.

I’ve known and respected Dr. Amy Tiemann for several years – I even contributed a chapter to her insightful anthology Courageous Parents, Confident Kids. I’ve also known Irene van der Zande, the soft-spoken yet determined force behind Kidpower for several years. Together these two women are making a tremendous difference that everyone focused on youth issues should be aware of, and leverage.

Here then is the beginning of the article, with links to additional articles below:

No Forced Kisses for your Kids: A Holiday Safety Tip for Families

By Dr. Amy Tiemann

As parents well know, the holiday season is both incredibly exciting and potentially overwhelming for kids, sometimes all rolled together into one. At gatherings with families and friends, expectations about affection, attention, and teasing can create unnecessary stress and discomfort. By accepting our children’s different personalities and thinking through our boundaries ahead of time, we can teach our kids important life skills and make holiday parties and reunions more fun.

Most of us can remember being pressured to just “suffer through it” from our own childhoods. Who doesn’t recall being forced to kiss “Great Aunt Edna” as a kid, or getting scratched by Uncle Bob’s beard as he leaned in for a squeeze? Or, being told to just ignore the teasing and roughhousing of our cousins?

As a mother, I can relate to the embarrassment that a parent might feel when a child doesn’t want to give a big hug to Grandma when she walks in the door-especially if Grandma has been eagerly anticipating the visit for weeks and months. Read more here….

Here are additional Kidpower resources about how to use boundaries to make our holiday gatherings truly joyful:



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