New Report Takes Serious Look at Education and Provides “A blueprint for teaching young children in a digital age”

If you have children, teach children, or need a qualified workforce, this report is an exciting read as it takes a research based, expert driven approach to practically solving the quagmire in our current educational system.  The following excerpts are taken directly from the report and the report’s overview as I could certainly not say it better:

In January 2010, the Cooney Center, in collaboration with the Stanford Educational Leadership Institute, convened a Digital Age Teacher Preparation Council… The Council’s eighteen members from academia, industry, and policy assessed current practices in early education and elementary school teaching and have designed a professional development “blueprint” to advance the use of effective digital media in teaching and learning, with a special emphasis on instruction for underserved students.

To date, the wave of technological change currently transforming adult life, work, and leisure time communication has totally failed to help revolutionize formal learning. In fact, in some parts of the United States’ education system — in particular among preschool children — the need to limit technology and media consumption has defined professional practice for the past two decades.

This report, Take a Giant Step, represents the Council’s multi-sector action plan to enhance teacher education and a higher quality, 21st century approach to the learning and healthy development of children in preschool and the primary grades.

The report sets forth several goals for the nation to meet by 2020, including advancing technology integration and infrastructure; a more robust professional training program for early education professionals; the expanded use of public media as cost-effective assets for teachers; and the establishment of a Digital Teacher Corps.



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