New Warnings on Smartphone Security Risks

Online watchdog, a joint initiative between the government, police and industry, warns that smartphone malware and ‘rogue apps’ are “big business for online criminals” in their announcement of their new Get Safe Online Week.

Saying smartphones represent “big business for online criminals” the group’s managing director Tony Neate, formerly a cybercrime investigator at the now-defunct National High-Tech Crime Unit, said “These devices are essentially mini laptops with a wealth of personal information. Today there are clear signs of serious criminal intent to defraud users; we are seeing smart phones targeted by sophisticated and lucrative malware scams with increasing frequency and severity.”

This campaign is specifically designed to bring attention to the threat posed by “rogue apps” which are uncertified applications for smartphones that have malware included that  allows the criminals behind these applications to steal information from phones, make calls charged to the victim, send and intercept SMS and voicemail messages, download content according to a statement from

This issue is serious, yet few smartphone users seem to be taking the needed security precautions.

Learn more about the risks of mobile malware in my blogs:

The bottom line: There is no substitute for strong security protection on your device.  There are a number of mobile security suites available to compare these TopTenReviews has created an excellent mobile security software comparison chart for consumers. Just be sure you install one.



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