DonorsChoose Earns LOOKBOTHWAYS’ Seal of Approval

I first wrote about the great service provides to schools, students, and philanthropists several years ago. This organization has rightly earned some very high marks for innovation in an area that brings tremendous benefits to others.

What you don’t know is that accomplished this while taking very conscious, proactive steps by developing their software in such a way as to ensure their service provides the best safety for everyone involved – students, teachers and donors.

Three years ago asked me to conduct a full technical review of their planned service for safety. We then discussed how they could design and build the product to be even more protective. (This request alone sets head and shoulders above most online service companies that never develop or test for safety). Not only did implement every recommended safety element, they have continued to ask over the years for safety reviews of additional features as well as ideas they have for improving the safety of proposed new features.

For their unwavering dedication to the safety and protection of consumers online I awarded the first LOOKBOTHWAYS Seal of Approval.  For their ongoing dedication to safety, they have re-earned this approval many times over. not only lets you do the right thing for schools and students, it does the right thing by protecting you.

Take five minutes now to help a school get off to a better start this fall, you can choose your level of giving and make the difference in the lives of students.



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