Commtouch’s Internet Threats Q2 Trend Report Another Sobering Read

Bad news always outweighs the good when talking about online security, and a new report from Commtouch just underscores this point.

The good news is that spam volumes are down nearly 30%, to a measly 113 billion a day, thanks to the takedown of the Rustock botnet.

That includes a downturn in pharmacy spam though this category still represents 24% of all spam.

The bad news on the spam front is that spammers are now using compromised email accounts – so expect more spam coming from friends and family’s accounts.

Additionally, the report found that zombie activity skyrocketed with an average turnover of 377,000 new zombies per day targeted at sending malware and spam. This represents a 68% increase over zombie volumes in the first quarter of the year. India remains the top zombie producing country now hosting 17% of the global population, followed by Brazil and Vietnam.

Whether or not you think of pornography as ‘dirty’ the websites hosting porn really are dirty. Pornography and sexually explicit content sites rank highest in the most-likely-to-contain-malware contest, followed by parked domains and portals.

Education websites interestingly enough come in fourth place for categories infected with malware ahead of entertainment and business. This may be because scammers are smart enough to suspect users will be less cautious on educational sites, or the reason may be that educational sites aren’t very well protected and make easy targets.

The bottom line

Criminals continue to increase the number and creativity of their exploits; letting your guard down for even a moment increases the likelihood that you’ll be their next target.



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