Google Warns Users of Malware – Take Action

You’ve been warned to be skeptical of notices that pop up warning you of malware on your device that is actually malicious software trying to get you to download fake ‘anti-virus’ software. However, if you see this notification from Google at the top of your Google search results, believe it.

Noticing an unusual pattern of activity in Google search traffic, the company enlisted the help of outside security professionals in the companies sending the modified traffic to determine the computers were infected with malware.

Google’s online security blog says “This particular malware causes infected computers to send traffic to Google through a small number of intermediary servers called “proxies.” We hope that by taking steps to notify users whose traffic is coming through these proxies, we can help them update their antivirus software and remove the infections.

We hope to use the knowledge we’ve gathered to assist as many people as possible. In case our notice doesn’t reach everyone directly, you can run a system scan on your computer yourself by following the steps in our Help Center article.”

Kudos to Google for being proactive and transparent about the issue as well as for providing clear, easy-to-follow steps users can take to fix the problem.

This is one more example of why everyone must keep their security software up to date.



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