Sony’s Bad News Isn’t Over – Hackers Have Made Two More Data Breaches

With the intent to deliberately embarrass Sony, hackers have perpetrated another data breach, this time the target was Sony’s music services in Japan and Greece according to a news report in the Washington Post.

The article states that security company Sophos and the Hacker News identified the attacks, and that the Greek attack is believed to have leaked some user information including names and some passwords. The Japanese attack, accessed user databases on the sites where they left a message saying “Stupid Sony, so very stupid,” before linking to two unprotected Sony databases.

The article goes on to say that since the initial in April, Sony has also found a security weakness on its password reset page, been the target of a phishing scam through its home page in Thailand, and seen one of its ISP subsidiaries robbed for about $1,200 in virtual tokens.

This news comes on the heels of Sony’s sobering financial forecast yesterday that said the company expects to post a net loss of $3.2 billion dollars in their third quarter.

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