Are You Sure Your PC is Malware Free??

If you aren’t sure you have anti-virus or other anti-malware software protecting your computer, or if you aren’t sure these tools are up-to-date or effective, there’s a 5 click way to find out. Your time commitment? Less than 7 seconds. Less time than it has taken you to read this blog this far.

For 90% of computer users, some version of Windows is your operating system.  If you aren’t a Windows user, you can stop reading here because unfortunately this solution won’t help you, I’ll try to give you tips in a later blog.


BUT… if you are among the 90% using Windows, take 7 seconds to:

  1. Log onto Microsoft’s Security Scanner page, either from this link or from the security newsletter Microsoft sent out earlier this month. (3 seconds)
  2. Click on the big Download Now button. (1 second)
  3. Select your download version (1 second)
  4. Accept license terms (1 second)
  5. Select a full scan of your computer (1 second)

Now relax and let the scanner do its work. When done, it will tell you if your computer has a clean bill of health, or if you need to do something to clean it.

One tip: Running the scanner takes time, you may want to start this before going to bed, or before stepping away from the computer for a while so it doesn’t slow you down while working.



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