Criddle Explains to Komo TV how Free Tools Help Spot Problem Websites Before You Click

When Komo News reporter Connie Thompson interviewed Linda Criddle for one TV segment, she noticed symbols on Criddle’s search engine results and asked what they represented… and that one segment quickly turned into two segments as the problem solver decided to pass on Criddle’s advice. Click here to watch the video and article, excerpts from the article:

Criddle says that searching without using tools to help you identify which results are safe to visit is reckless – especially as these tools are offered free of charge.

Criddle favors a free tool offered by McAfee called SiteAdvisor, but emphasizes there are a number of free downloadable applications to choose from. Website scanners test millions of websites, often with the help of feedback from users. Color-coded icons and symbols help you see potential risk before you click.

The scanners test for viruses, malicious software, spyware, adware, phishing and other fake websites, scams, spam, sites that redirect you to other sites, adult material and more.

McAfee SiteAdvisor and Web Of Trust, a free add-on for the Fire Fox browser, appear to be the top user-reviewed web scanners.

A third, AVG’s Link Scanner, is also popular, although some users complain about the tool slowing down the browser function. Other companies offer more advanced site scanning tools for a monthly fee.

Before you download any application, scrutinize the site and make sure you understand what You can also check specific search engines to see what kind of website security tools they offer.


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