Google Takes Anti-Counterfeit Steps

Google Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Kent Walker, posted a blog earlier this week outlining new steps the company is taking to keep ads on their sites from offering counterfeit goods.

This is an ongoing struggle; one Walker calls a “cat-and-mouse game, where we are constantly working to improve our practices and tune our systems to keep out the bad guys”. Adding that Google shut down approximately 50,000 AdWords accounts in the second half of last year for attempting to advertise counterfeit goods.



The company’s new three pronged approach includes commitments to:

  • Act on reliable AdWords counterfeit complaints and reduce their average response time to 24 hours or less
  • Improve their AdSense anti-counterfeit reviews by working more closely with brand owners to identify infringers
  • An improved website experience for those reporting counterfeits to make it easier for users and brand owners to find forms to report abuse.

These are great steps forward. No ad platform can identify whether any particular item out of the millions advertised is counterfeit or not, but responding quickly when an issue arises is critical.



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