Don’t Want a Twitter Tragedy? Follow this Advice…

Call it over exposure, ignorance, or a blatant desire to commit Twittercide, people continue to post things to their Twitter accounts that come back to bite them.

If you aren’t sure where the potential mine fields lay in Twitter comments, a new article-with-slide-show-examples on the Huffington Post titled What Not To Post On Twitter: 11 Things Your Tweeps Don’t Need To Know by Catharine Smith is a good primer.

Here’s an excerpt:

And as search engines like Google and Bing take steps to further integrate Twitter updates into query results, it’s more important than ever to watch what you tweet.

Given the platform’s simplicity and 140-character limit, it can be tempting to dash off Twitter updates without pausing to consider the impact they can have. Experts agree that users should take a moment before tweeting. Especially if your tweets are public, that moment of reconsideration could save you your job, your personal safety or your reputation.

To view the entire article and accompanying slide show, click here.

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