Felt Spammed by Retailers in the Two Months before Christmas? You’re Right.

Major online retailers in the US sent 4.6 email promotions to each of their customers in just one week in the lead up to Christmas last year according to Chad White, research director at Responsys and author of the Retail Email Blog.  In the 8 weeks leading up to Christmas, these companies averaged just over 4 emails sent to each customer each week.

If you’re like me, you had half a dozen or more stores each spamming you with 32 emails over the two month period.

And, if you’re like me, it was a real irritant to have to clear so much junk out of your inbox.

I actually got to the point that I began ‘unsubscribing’ to every site that sent more than one email per week, as the only means of reducing the ‘noise’.

After the Holiday rush, I’ve complained to the retailers that hounded me and let them know it is rude to spam good customers. If the spam bothered you too, lend your voice and be heard. With any luck the message will sink in before the run up to the 2011holiday season and we’ll all have one more thing to be grateful for.



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