Give the Gift of Internet Security

This holiday season LOOKBOTHWAYS LLC has teamed with McAfee to create a Facebook application so you can give the gift of safety to friends and family. Our goal is to help reduce the number of unprotected consumers – and computers – accessing the internet.  The application is free, your gift choice of a security service is free to the recipient, and you get to wrap your gift in a selection of beautiful eCards.  Nothing says I care better than protecting those you love.

I’ve blogged here many, many times to underscore how critical it is for consumers to have up-to-date security in place on your devices – and I do mean all your devices, including any smartphones – and your routers, firewalls and home Wifi.

Unlike your toaster, the internet is not a plug-it-in-and-go experience. Failing to use security software is like trying to keep your family safe in a home with no locks on the doors or latches on the windows. It’s that simple. Without this basis for protection, you simply will not be able to protect your safety or privacy, your identity or your money.  See links at the bottom of this blog to learn more.

How to send your eCards and Gifts:

  1. Go to the Holiday eCard tab on McAfee’s Facebook website.
  2. Follow these 3 simple steps:
    1. Select an eCard of your choice
    2. Select a gift from McAfee to include. Choose between:
      1. McAfee Security Software
        Help your friends and family stay safe and secure – give the gift of online security with a free 6-month subscription to McAfee’ security software.
      2. McAfee WaveSecure
        Ensure your friends and family protect their mobile devices. Give them the gift of a free 7-day trial of McAfee WaveSecure for complete protection and control of their mobile device and data.
      3. McAfee SiteAdvisor
        Make sure your friends and family search safely online. Give them the gift of free McAfee SiteAdvisor’ software that provides color coded safety ratings that warn them before they click on a risky site.
    3. Personalize your eCard and send – this will post your card for all your Facebook contacts to see.
  3. You’re done – unless you want to also send the card to friends and family who are not on Facebook.

To share with others via email:

  • Create an email and include all those you want to share the card with.  (See my blog Respect Others When Sending Email to a Group, to learn how to protect your friend’s privacy when emailing.)
  • Copy the URL to the greeting card. You can either pull the eCard’s URL from the link on your Facebook page, or you can copy it from the open card. (See arrows in graphic for locations).
  • Send the email. Recipients do NOT have to have Facebook accounts to see the card or receive their free security software gift, but you will need to give them an alternate place to download the software from (the link will take them to Facebook).

Learn more about the need, and the ways, to secure your internet experiences:

This is one gift we want to see be shared as broadly as possible – pay it forward.



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