Online Shopping Sets New Records – But Are You Safe When Buying Online?


Black Friday and Cyber Monday saw record breaking increases in consumer spending. Shoppers spent $648 million in online sales on Black Friday, and a whopping $1.028 billion on Cyber Monday representing an increase of 16% over last year. Online spending was so strong, that Cyber Monday actually set two new records: it was the heaviest online spending day in history, and the first to surpass the billion-dollar threshold, according to comScore data.


How safe are YOU when shopping online?

Whenever large amounts of money are changing hands, criminals line up to siphon off as much as possible from unprotected and/or unsuspecting buyers.

Two key factors determine your level of safety when shopping or conducting any financial transaction online. The first is how well you secure your computing environment; the second is how savvy you are at identifying scams vs. legitimate offers. To test how well you manage your online safety, see my blog ‘Tis the Season – 10 Steps to Safer Holiday Shopping Online.

A few simple precautions will help keep you from being grinched by crooks this holiday season.



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