Have People over 50 on Your Holiday List? Give Using The Internet Safely for Seniors FOR DUMMIES

If you have family members, colleagues, employees or friends who still struggle with using the internet, giving a copy of my book Using the Internet Safely For Seniors For Dummies is a good gift bet.

For just $15 dollars, this book is the guide they need to steer safely through the internet to shop, visit, invest, explore, pay bills, and do dozens of other things online — more securely. Readers learn to protect themselves from online pitfalls, create strong passwords, find reliable information, spot e-mail and phishing scams, and much more.

They will:

  • Find out how to share photos and videos, chat with others, and participate in online discussions—securely
  • See how, with strong passwords and reasonable caution, online banking and bill-paying might be safer than the old way
  • Learn to install and set up a browser, use search engines effectively, and sidestep suspicious ads
  • Discover how personal information is collected and used by legitimate companies — and by crooks
  • Be able to spot risks, find out how online criminals think, and know what makes you vulnerable
  • Enjoy social networking sites without putting themselves at risk
  • Spot reputable healthcare sites and avoid medical ID theft and scams

There’s even a glossary of common computer terms, and a guide to help consumers better understand their rights when using the Internet.

Praise for Using the Internet Safely For Seniors FOR DUMMIES

My parents-in-law just went Online for the first time 2 months ago and this book has changed how they approach the Internet. Now that they are feeling a bit more adept at Email and browsing the Web, they are using this well-written Dummies book to make them safer. Great resource for elders or anyone! – S. Stenger

This book is a great resource not only for seniors but also for anyone who is concerned about online safety. I liked the writing style and found the explanations to be straightforward and informative. The book has many illustrations and screen shots, which makes it easy to understand. – D. Milstein

This book was great at helping my uncle understand how to use the Internet, and all the great information about staying safe online made him much more comfortable with his decision to go online. The advice in this book made him feel confident–and I learned a thing or two, as well!” – Earl Boysen

Check out the book, and consider giving a gift that will increase their online safety for years to come.



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