If it’s Personal, or Controversial, Don’t Post it on Twitter

In an interview for Forbes.com, Linda Criddle, President LOOKBOTHWAYS and the Safe Internet Alliance outlined the most common mistakes consumers make when posting comments on Twitter.

To read the full article, click here. Read on for an excerpt of Linda’s comments.

Posting on Twitter requires even less time–and therefore, thought–than the average Facebook post. “People say, ‘I’m stuck in traffic,’ or ‘I’m at the mall, saw a great discount,'” says Criddle. “If I look at someone’s Twitter history over time, I’ll notice things like that they tweet from the same Starbucks ( SBUXnews people ) every morning. People give away their daily routines, and that allows me to impersonate you, or ‘coincidentally’ meet you.”

What to do when meeting people in person. Criddle advises Twitter friends meeting in person for the first time to insist upon doing so in a public place. Guarding emotions is important, too. In addition to allowing crooks to feign empathy and build trust with victims, letting people know how you feel can put you at risk for emotional abuse and cyber-bullying, she warns.

Poorly thought-out social media posts can also ruin careers and destroy reputations. “There was the Obama speechwriter who put up the picture of himself groping a cardboard cutout of Hillary Clinton,” says Criddle. Tweeters and other social network users may also encounter malicious situations where someone else is deliberately trying to tear another person down, and there are unwitting attacks; a friend tweets something that gets you into hot water.”

To read the full article, click here


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