Best Privacy policy I’ve Seen Yet

When a company sets a high standard for privacy and clarity, it’s worth noting. I was just asked to reregister with Totally Free Conference Calls the other day, and checked their privacy policy to be sure there had been no changes.

The way Totally Free Conference Calls have written their policy is just fabulous; it really gives consumers the confidence and clarity you need to know how your information is treated.  Here it is:

Privacy Policy. Don’t worry – we respect your privacy and will not, under any circumstances share your information with any 3rd party because we hate spam just as much as you do.

While not all Privacy Policies can be this simple – some companies do share information, and therefore need to explain how and what they share – the level of clarity exemplified here can be achieved if companies care to do so.

What really strikes me is how this privacy policy clarity compares to the Terms of Use language on websites that I wrote about earlier this week titled C’mon! Match Terms of Use Text to Users’ Comprehension Level

If you can’t easily understand a site’s privacy policy, let them know – you may even want to send them this example.



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