New Entrant in Security and Safety Technology – Proactive Patrol

If you haven’t heard of Proactive Patrol and their anti-malware products, it may be time to check them out. Their AntiEverything product “protects and removes spyware, adware, trojans, rootkits, viruses, foul cookies and other malicious software programs with just one application” costs just under $5.00 a year – and it has just picked up several awards from:

  • Top4Download BestSoftware4Download
  • Windows7Download
  • BestVistaDownloads

Plus, their User Reviews are great:

What makes this company different – in their own words:

Proactive Patrol’s Mission:  Provide unique options for keeping you and your family safer on the Internet.

Our Vision:  For Proactive Patrol to make contributions resulting in a better world.

Proactive Patrol, a company with a cause, has served more than 10,000 customers worldwide since its inception, including educational institutions, governmental bodies, national and international companies, small business, and personal use. Our fast growth rate has proven a platform of substance and effectiveness in our top antivirus, best spyware protection products, and mission at heart… Combined experience of more than 15 years in this field ensures a high level of quality in our production process. As a leading security specialist, Proactive Patrol has concrete experience in the development and support of its products…

Our products have been optimized for the Windows platform, and require minimal memory usage to accelerate our product effectiveness. Proactive Patrol thoroughly researches and adapts our products to meet the real time security challenges facing our world, while leading other vendors in the proactive protection field. Research is our specialty, and introduction of mobile security for iPhones, Android based, and Blackberry is forthcoming, in addition to a full range of Apple Macintosh security solutions to meet the need of the ever-growing threats facing these applications.

Proactive Patrol and the people that make us who we are, remain in full support for our mission at heart, and to provide effective and qualified online safety training for young children to grasp the concept and understanding of the importance of staying safe on the Internet through the K.I.D.S. Grant. The K.I.D.S. Grant was established by the founder of Proactive Patrol to provide this much needed and overlooked area of our society in the technology challenges facing our children today. Join us will you? Our software protects you, and your contribution protects children online.

Check them out.



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