Technology Tackles More Health Issues

A new TechBytes article, titled There’s an App for Health, highlights some phenomenal advances in ways that mobile technology can increase positive health outcomes. In the face of so many negative news stories in the tech world, this article reminds me of all the great advances and opportunities the internet provides.

The article talks about how mobile applications are increasing the health and safety of diabetics by improving their ability to manage several health variables, make recommendations about  sugar consumption and delivering reminders about taking medications. The article also tells of how asthma patients can be alerted to increases in risk factors like high pollen counts and receive recommendations about proactive dosing.

The story highlights how doctors are embracing these technologies and noting that Dr. Christopher Wasden, Managing Director of Strategy and Innovation at PricewaterhouseCoopers reports that doctors recognize the potential not only to use mobile health technologies to improve patient management, but also to save time and money within their own practices.

And, the story notes how mobile phones in the developing world are increasing consumer health among other ways by helping them determine whether the medicine they see is legitimate or counterfeit.

Technology cannot solve all the worlds ills, but with continued investment and innovation it can go a long way

towards helping us manage what ails us.



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