The School Bully in Cyberspace

I am continuing my practice of sharing recent internet safety research pieces:


From the Dept. of Education:

Teens live highly digital and media-rich lives with more communications choices than ever before. The media explosion is influencing our youths in ways never imagined. According to the 2007 Pew Internet & American Life Project report Teens and Social Media, by Amanda Lenhart, Mary Madden, Alexandra Rankin Macgill and Aaron Smith, most teens spend time online, and about 50 percent of those who use the Internet have at least one profile on at least one social networking Web site.

Youths use such sites to stay in touch with friends and make new ones. The Pew findings note that 28 percent of teens using the Internet maintain a blog to write about their lives, ideas, goals and dreams; to post photos; and to create and share videos. In addition, the report states that 80 percent of teens own at least one form of what is defined as “new” media technology—a cell phone, personal data assistant, or computer with Internet access.

As noted in a 2007 special supplement to the Journal of Adolescent Health on electronic media, the explosion of technology and its use by adolescents has many potential benefits. Technology provides a way for young people to communicate regularly with family and friends and may result in teens feeling more connected to others. “The

Internet provides opportunities for adolescents who have difficulty making friends, e.g., home-schooled or socially anxious youth, to make rewarding social connections,” point  out Corinne David-Ferdon and Marci Feldman Hertz in the guest editors’ commentary “Electronic Media, Violence, and Adolescents: An Emerging Public Health Problem.”

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