McAfee Threats Report: Second Quarter 2010

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Study by McAfee:

This edition of the McAfee Threats Report examines the second quarter of 2010 and finds some very different results compared with previous quarters. Last quarter we saw a leveling off in some threat vectors while in others we saw some new developments. This quarter we find malware has resumed its usual rapid growth while the increase in spam has slowed. We see some very interesting geographical breakdowns for spam and botnets that we have not seen before. More threats have become specific and unique to those victims, both corporate and consumer, in different parts of the world.

This quarter we also see the global breakdown of malware to be quite different from that of previous quarters. From January to March we found the top malware to be the same around the world, a phenomenon we had not observed previously; but this quarter’s breakdown shows specific threats tend to plague specific regions. We look very closely at growth trends for fake-alert software, password stealing Trojans, social networking malware such as Koobface, as well as malware that abuses USB and other storage devices.

We examine event and keyword abuse through search engines as well as which vulnerabilities were most frequently exploited throughout the quarter. It should come as no surprise that events such as the FIFA World Cup in South Africa and incidents in the Middle East were highly abused by both cybercriminals and political hacktivists. Remember: the bad guys read the same news as we do. We report on web and network threats such as phishing and malicious website growth and see what parts of the world are engaging in the most SQL-injection attacks.

We finish with an overview of the quarter’s most interesting incidents in both cybercrime and hactivism. We hope you find this edition of the McAfee Threats Report instructive.

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