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Sunday is Grandparents day. As you know, I rarely recommend a product or service, so something has to really dazzle me, and show the power for good that the internet represents, for it to happen.

Readeo exceeded that bar. The service’s ability to connect parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc through reading books together and face to face interaction over the internet is just phenomenal. I wish it was there when my kids were small.

This cool service allows you to stay in touch with kids in such a positive and connected way it’s a must for anyone who struggles to maintain a relationship with a child from a distance.

And I’m far from the only person to feel this way about the service; read what others are saying.

When I told Readeo’s Founder and CEO, Coby Neuenschwander, that I wanted to blog about the service, he made YOU an offer you can’t refuse:

Use the checkout code ilookbothways and Readeo will give any new user one month FREE

If you still aren’t sure, consider this: Readeo is running a grandparent challenge – any grandparent who tries their service with a grandchild and doesn’t like it (technology errors notwithstanding since we can’t control their internet speed or hardware) will receive $100.

In their own words, here’s the philosophy and functionality behind Readeo:

Many of us spend a lot of time away from children we love. As a result…, we set out to create a special experience that you can have with a special child from anywhere.

Through our patent-pending product, you can share story time with a child from anywhere as long as you both have high speed Internet and a webcam. We call it BookChatting and it has made the distance seem much shorter when we’re away. You might still miss… [your child/grandchild].. but you will hear “can we read another one dad, mom, or grandma, or grandpa, or uncle, or friend, or whoever you are?” and it will be the best thing you do all day—maybe all week.

While people use BookChat to connect with children from a distance, many people also use our site to discover books and read with children when they’re together as well. We have been lucky to have some of the best children’s book publishers believe in us and in our vision of keeping families connected. We add books to our site frequently and Jenny Brown, our editor and former children’s book reviews editor for Publisher’s Weekly, hand picks each book on the site.

Their selection of books to share is strong and growing, and the way Readeo works makes it far better than trying to accomplish the same, or even similar interaction over Skype

Do yourself, your child, or your parents a favor, try it. Give it to celebrate Grandparents Day.

[Note: I do not accept funding from this, or any company, for this website. My views and recommendations are entirely my own.]



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