Spend Three Minutes Taking the ACLU’s Digital Privacy Quiz – it’s Worth it.

Try out the excellent new Digital Privacy Quiz created by the ACLU. What I really like about the quiz is that it shows the impact of everyday actions on your privacy – and I’ll bet that at least 95% of you will discover something that makes you pause and think.

Privacy matters. Learn how and where yours is being eroded without your knowledge.

Want to know how did I scored? Scroll down….

Ouch. Bigger sunglasses are on my shopping list….

Actually, I do know the privacy exposure points, yet they are so prevalent that many of the risks are hard to avoid unless you choose to go ‘off the grid’.

This needs to change, and I support any organization working to push for greater personal privacy rights.

We should have the right to reap the benefits the internet offers without exposing information that we’d prefer to keep private. It’s no ones business what books I buy, what movies I watch, what illnesses I research, what sites I visit, and so on.  You don’t have to have’dirty little secrets’ to not want your neighbor’s, or your government’s, or big businesses’ nose in your life.

If you haven’t read Think You’ve Got Nothing to Hide? Are You Nuts?, it’s time you do.

It’s also time to lend your support, if you haven’t yet, to the Safe Internet Alliance‘s Consumer Internet Safety and Privacy Expectations – 10 Standards for Respectful companies. These are still in draft form, but will be finalized soon.

Consumer Internet Safety and Privacy Expectations Standards for Respectful Companies

ALL Internet users have the expectation of a safe Internet experience, and respectful companies strive to provide quality safety and privacy options that are easily discovered and used by consumers. Your safety and privacy, as well as the safety and privacy of your family on the Internet should be core elements of online product and service design.

In a nutshell, online consumers should have these expectations:

1. Establishing safety and privacy settings should be an element in the registration or activation process. This includes informing you in easily understood language about the potential consequences of your choices. This allows, and requires, you to make your own choices, rather than being pushed into hidden, default settings.
2. During the registration or activation process, articles of the terms and conditions, and privacy policy, that might affect your privacy or safety, or that of a minor in your care, should be presented to you in easy to understand language, not in a long, complicated legal document in small font.
3. You should expect complete, easily understood information and age appropriate recommendations about every safety and privacy feature in a product or service.
4. You should expect to easily report abuse of the products or abuse through the products of you or someone in your care.
5. You should expect a notice or alert if a significant safety or privacy risk is discovered in an online product or service you or someone in your care is using.
6. The provider needs to publish on a regular basis statistics demonstrating how well the company enforces its policies. Such statistics should include; the number and types of abuse reports, number of investigations conducted, and number and type of corrective actions taken by the provider.
7. When services or products are upgraded, you have the right to be informed of new features or changes to existing features and their impact on your ‐ or your child’s ‐ safety or privacy in advance of the rollout.
8. When the terms of use or privacy policy of any provider are about to change, you have the right to be informed in advance of the changes and their impact on your ‐ or your child’s ‐ safety and privacy.
9. When a provider informs you of changes to their features, privacy policy, or terms and conditions, they should provide you with a clearly discoverable, way to either opt out, or block the change, or to terminate your account.
10. When terminating an account, your provider should enable you to remove permanently and completely all of your personal information, posts, photos, and any other personal content

Safe Internet Alliance                                                  DRAFT © All Rights Reserved 2010



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