Facebook’s Safety Page is A Dud

Facebook has just launched a new internet Safety web page, and it’s a dud. Particularly when put side by side with the latest news that an internet security consultant was able to collect personal information from over 100 million Facebook users without hacking their system.

Despite hopes that they would actually address site-specific issues, it’s just another tired, generic compilation of “common sense” advice.

All it takes is a quick glance at their home page to make this obvious. Which of the 6 tips listed are anything but snoozeworthy?

According to Facebook’s Joe Sullivan, their new safety page is intended to “highlight news and initiatives focused on ways people can keep data secure at the world’s leading online social-networking community, adding that “we’ll continue to think of innovative ways to promote safety on our service and elsewhere on the Web.”

Here’s a news flash: This isn’t innovative. Facebook will have to work a lot harder to come close to “innovative”.

If they really want to make a difference, the site will need to show users how to specifically be safer on Facebook. They’ll need to point out the risk areas, and show how to mitigate the risks – in  settings, in profiles, in images etc. And if they want to be innovative, they’ll need to actually look at ways to eliminate those risks, so consumers don’t trip up in the first place.



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