Wonder Which Sites Most Internet Users Turn To?

I am often asked by newer internet users how to find the sites that will best fit for them, or are the most popular. A new presentation by MarketingCharts.com gives a great snapshot of where people are going online and what they’re doing in Q2 2010.

Whether this information helps you learn about new sites you might want visit, or highlights sites your kids and teens may be visiting, it’s an interesting overview of the online world.

If you have kids, you can use these top-10 lists to start a conversation. Find out which sites they use, and what they use them for.  Take the opportunity to talk about how to determine which sites are reputable and provide accurate information. For example the reputation and accuracy of sites providing health care information is crucial, finding balanced news sites is important, and when finding sites for gaming accuracy isn’t important, you just need sites that are going to protect your privacy and won’t give you malware.

Keep in mind that just because a site is popular, it doesn’t mean they make your safety and privacy a top priority. Check out any new site’s privacy and safety policies before joining.



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