Common Sense Media Launches Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Common Sense Media has officially launched its pioneering free digital citizenship curriculum for middle schools – Digital Citizenship in a Connected Culture. The first three units of the curriculum are now available online. You can now check out the materials, read the lessons and watch the videos, at The full, five-unit curriculum will be available in late August 2010.

In addition, Common Sense Media’s curriculum is well on its way to being the most comprehensive K-12 digital literacy and citizenship programs in the country with the addition of the CyberSmart! K-12 Curriculum, which will provide the foundation for building out the middle school curriculum into a full K-12 program that will ensure students of all ages are equipped with the tools they need to navigate a 24/7 digital world.

Given the amount of time kids are spending with technology, digital ethics education has become just as important as reading and writing. The curriculum empowers students to think critically and make informed choices about how they live and treat others in a digital world, and covers timely topics such as privacy, social media, cyberbullying, and creativity/self-expression. School districts around the country have already signed on to implement the program in their own schools, including the Maine Department of Education and the Omaha Public School district, and others are already exploring how the curriculum can work in their own classrooms.

If you’re interested in learning more about the curriculum, or talking with one of the curriculum developers at Common Sense Media or CyberSmart!, let me know. The full press release can be found here:


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