Avoid Scams Online, or Via Phone, Mail by Staying Savvy

The Palm Beach Post just interviewed Linda Criddle for their article Avoid online, phone, mail scams by staying savvy that covered the stories of several victims of scammers in South Florida.

“Overpayments are an obvious scam, warns Linda Çriddle, president of the Safe Internet Alliance and of the consulting company LookBothWays, Kirkland, Wash. No legitimate person, company or organization is going to send you a real check for more than the cost of the item you are selling. Sheridan did the right thing, checking to verify the check’s legitimacy. Otherwise, she would have been liable for the check. She would have been stung again by issuing a check for the overpayment”.

To read the full article and learn more about how scammers operate, click here.



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