Trend Micro’s Internet Safety Video Contest Includes Some Thought Provoking Results

Trend Micro’s contest that encouraged individuals to create internet safety videos includes a few that are thought provoking, but also highlights the degree to which fear-based messaging is still the driving force when creating safety materials.

Four that I like are “Overexposed” as it adds a touch of humor to it’s message, Scammers Will Do Anything!, Think before you snap!, and Max vs. Creepy Guy – where the humor mitigates the scare factor. Check out the gallery to find your favorites.

You may also want to use some of the ‘scary’ videos to generate a discussion about healthy concern and safety vs. fear. Videos that compare letting your child on the internet to allowing them to go into a shark filled tank, for example, are providing a warped message.

For some great internet safety videos, check out these from the AdCouncil:

Cyberbullying – Kitchen

Illuminate Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying – talent show

Think before you post –  bulletin board

Think before you post – Everyone Knows Your Name

Texting harassment



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