Ad council and NCMEC Produce Excellent Internet Privacy Video

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and the Ad Council have partnered to develop a new public service announcement video to help teens understand the consequences of posting and sharing personal or sexually explicit content.  The new video extends their already successful “Think Before You Post” campaign to include an interactive online video letting users “choose” what happens after being sent a request for a nude photo.

This video is a great resource, particularly because it doesn’t preach, but rather lets the user come to their own realization of consequences and what they can – and can’t – control.

In introducing this new video, the Ad Council points to recent research conducted by Microsoft, Online Reputation in a Connected World, that illustrates how far reaching the effects of rash decisions can be, and that highlights the need for, and urgency of, getting this message out to youth.

Kudos to both NCMEC and the Ad Council for great work that will be a great benefit to youth, and those seeking to help youth navigate the net.



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