NEW! Parental Controls Product Guide: 2010 Edition has just released their new Parental Controls Product Guide: 2010 Edition, and they’ve done an excellent job. Written by David Burt, it provides a comprehensive view of the available parental control options to help you understand what tools will work best for your family and kids.

A quick review of the topics covered (see Table of Contents below), and you’ll see the breadth of information provided in the guide. Of particular interest may be the overview of mobile phone safety management options as few parents are familiar with these choices.

Table of Contents

What are Parental Controls?

An Overview of Parental Controls: Internet, Mobile Phones, Gaming Consoles, and Media Players

What parental controls do I need?

  • 5-7
  • Up to 7 years old
  • Age 8 to 10 years old
  • Age 11 to 13 years old
  • Age 14 to 17 years old

Using the Product Comparisons

Internet parental controls

  • The Options: Parental Control Software, Security Suites, ISP controls, Operating System, Routers, Online Controls 9 Filtering and Monitoring
  • Search Engines, E-mail, Instant Messaging, Social Networks, Video Sharing, and Virtual Worlds

Internet Parental Controls Product Comparisons

  • Internet Parental Controls Product Comparison
  • ISP Provided Parental Controls Product Comparison
  • E-mail Parental Controls Product Comparison
  • Social networking Parental Controls Product Comparison
  • Instant Messaging Parental Controls Product Comparison
  • Search Engine Parental Controls Product Comparison
  • Virtual Worlds Parental Controls Product Comparison
  • Video and Photo Sharing Sites Parental Controls Product Comparison
  • Kid Safe Browsers Product Comparison

Mobile Phone Parental Controls

Gaming Console Parental Controls

Media Player Parental Controls

Using Parental Controls to Address Specific Safety Issues: Cyberbullying, Sexting, Privacy, and Predators


Internet Parental Controls Reviews

Kid Safe Brower Reviews

My only objection to this otherwise excellent product guide is the title. Though most products in this category call themselves parental controls and the term is widely used, it implies a power dynamic that’s a very negative approach to what should be positive and nurturing family safety settings.



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