4 tips to ground helicopter parenting – for good!

As frequent followers know, we’ve got a new book coming out on April 18th, titled  “Courageous Parents, Confident Kids — Letting Go So You Both Can Grow,”

This morning,  TODAYMoms part of the TODAY Show posted the first of three blogs about the book. Read the whole article here:  4 tips to ground helicopter parenting – for good!, or check out some excerpts below:

From author and educator Amy Tiemann, Ph.D.,

A close relationship with your kids is a gift. But, it’s possible to become so overinvolved that your kids don’t learn to spread their wings. When we think about overprotective, hovering “helicopter parents,” it’s easy to see examples of other parents hovering, but hard to see it in ourselves. But let’s admit it, most of us experience times when we do things for our kids that they can do for themselves, or personally take on problems that they are capable of solving on their own.

My new book, “Courageous Parents, Confident Kids — Letting Go So You Both Can Grow,” was written in collaboration with 14 award-winning writers and experts to help each family develop its own courageous path to raising independent, competent kids.

Here are four steps to help you “ground” helicopter parenting:

  • Develop your child’s capabilities and sense of personal significance.
    Kids have an innate need to feel important and make a contribution, and parents need to develop important roles for kids within the family…..
  • Don’t let your own fear and ego hold back your child’s development.
    It is important to let children have their own experiences, including both success and failure. What looks like a “failure” can be an important growth experience, and does not mean that you are a failure as a parent…..
  • Become familiar with your own parenting style and be aware of the tendencies that come along with each style.
    Leadership expert Jamie Woolf has developed a “Parenting Mode” framework that helps parents make the most of their own parenting style and prevents the style from running amok during times of stress and worry…..
  • Teach your kids the skills they need to navigate their world with safety and confidence.
    Part of being a parent is making peace with uncertainty and realizing we cannot control everything. But, it is vitally important that we teach our children the skills they need to navigate the world with safety and confidence. …

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