How to Use the New Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook has taken a laudable step forward in helping consumers maintain their privacy when using the service. These much-anticipated updates in their privacy settings allow users to determine on a post-by-post basis exactly who they are sharing with.

Understanding Facebook’s expanded privacy settings and knowing how to apply them is critical to ensuring your safety and the safety of your children should you, or they, be among the now 350 million Facebook users.

Fortunately, a fantastic instruction guide – replete with screenshots – has been created by Zack Whittaker for ZDNet. This guide includes:

  • Changing exactly who can see what on your profile
  • Changing who can contact you on Facebook
  • Changing application and website privacy settings
  • Changing who can search for you on Facebook
  • Completely blocking people, how and what it does

Other resources you can turn to for understanding and using the new Facebook privacy settings include: Facebook’s explanation video, and Patrick Miller, of PC World, has this created tutorial.

To learn more about what motivated these changes, read Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s An Open Letter from Facebook blog.

Take the time to review your settings and leverage these new options today.



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