Consider Using a Free Browser Protection Utility

Malware, scumware, scareware, ransomware, call it what you want, there is a plague of exploits aimed at changing your defaults, stealing passwords, shoving pop-ups at you, and otherwise making your online experience far less than ideal.

Traditional methods for combating these attacks are with traditional antivirus and antispyware products – which are an absolute required defense on any internet connected device.

There is however, an emerging additional method for proactively defending against vulnerabilities called browser protection or intrusion detection utilities. These are worth more than a passing glance, particularly if you have kids (or are an inexperienced yourself) using your computer who may be more inclined to click on sites or ads that leave your computer particularly susceptible to exploits.

Here are two browser protection utilities to consider:

Sandboxie creates a locked down environment in which to run your applications – called a sandbox. Within this sandbox, applications operate normally and at full speed, but actions taken within the sandboxed area are isolated and cannot make changes to your computer.

This means that your operating system, memory, and existing files remain safe. Sandboxie is FREE, and easy to use, and the site has excellent instructions to get you started.

GeSWall isolates applications that can act as entry points for malware and targeted intrusions, like browsers and PDF’s, and applies access restrictions to effectively prevent damage.

GeSWall restrictions include blocking access to the kernel, allows read only access to trusted files, registry, processes etc., blocks local communications to trusted processes, like windows messages, and blocks access to confidential files. Addtionally, the product locks malware or an intruder within an isolated layer. Download GeSWall’s FREE product, or consider their for pay version.

There are also ways in which you can create limited user accounts within your existing operating system. For instructions on how do create these in Windows, click here.

Now, go have fun…



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