Mainstream USA Embraces Technology

According to a new study by Forrester Research , a marketing firm based in Cambridge, Mass., newer technologies are no longer dominated by ‘early adopters’ or ‘geeks’. Their research, found that Americans love and use technology:

  • 50% of US adults are gamers
  • 63% of US households have a broadband Internet connection
  • 75% of US households have cellphones and PCs
  • Nearly 10 million US households (out of nearly 118 million) added an HDTV in the last year, a 27% increase 2007.

“There’s really no group out of the tech loop,” said Forrester analyst Jacqueline Anderson, one of the study’s authors. “America is becoming a digital nation. Technology adoption continues to roll along, picking up more and more mainstream consumers every year.”

The broad adoption of technologies is fantastic, but does have implications for online safety. Simply talking about how to stay safe while on a computer isn’t enough. Make sure you know how, and teach children how to stay safe using their cell phone, internet connected game consoles, and other connected devices.



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