Online Coupons Gaining Momentum; Especially Among Wealthy

The use of coupon websites is on the rise across nearly all demographics, but is highest among those with the highest education and income brackets, and coupons are now the deciding factor in purchases for nearly one-third of consumers, according to Results from a new Consumer Coupon Behavior benchmark study conducted by Harris Interactive for

Other findings from the study include:

  • 62% of online adults look for coupons for online stores
  • 41% of users aged 35-44 use coupon websites
  • 30% of online adults will not make a purchase at an online store if they can’t find a coupon for that store, up from 27% in 2008.
  • 22% of online adults will go to a different store to make that purchase, up from 20% in 2008, while 8% will wait until a coupon is available to make the purchase (same as 2008)
  • 12% never make a purchase without checking an online website first
  • Midwesterners most thrifty: 40% of online adults who use tools or websites to find good deals when shopping online in the Midwest use coupon websites, compared with 35% in the Northeast, 34% in the South and 29% in the West.

Things to think about before using coupon sites:

Scammers are chameleons, they mimic whatever tools, topics and technologies are popular to try to fool the unsuspecting. However, a few simple safety precautions can help you get the savings without the scams. Learn how on my blog Internet shopping and e-coupons; bargain hunting online safely

To learn more about the results of the Consumer Coupon Behavior survey, click here.



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