42% of Americans “Can’t Live” Without Cell Phone, Half Sleep With One

A new global mobile-phone survey from Synovate shows how attached Americans are to their cell phones, and how US phone patterns vary from global standards. Check out these stats:


  • 82% of Americans say they never leave home without their phones vs. 75% globally
  • 50% of Americans sleep with their phone nearby
  • 42% of Americans say they “can’t live” without their mobile phone vs. 36% globally)
  • 33% of Americans own at least 2 cell phones vs. 23% globally
  • 21% of Americans now own a smartphone
  • 33% of US respondents agreed they did not know how to use most of the features on their phones
    • 56% of Americans regularly use the Alarm clock feature vs. 67% globally
    • 68% of Americans use their phone’s camera vs. 62% globally
    • 31% of Americans play games on their pohone vs. 33% globally

Text messaging patterns in romance:

  • 36% of Americans have flirted with their partners by text vs. 33% globally
  • 16% of Americans have flirted with someone other than their partners vs.15% globally (but Brits (26%) and Russians (24%) top the list)
  • 9% of Americans have set up a first date via text vs. 20% globally

Text messaging patterns and bad news

  • 4% of Americans have broken up with someone via text vs. 12% globally (23% of Filipinos break up via text)
  • 5% of Americans have been dumped via text vs. 8% globally (20% of Malaysians have been dumped this way)
  • 71% of Americans agreed that they have hidden behind text to say no or send a difficult message vs. 35% globally. Least likely to hide behind text are Canadians 79% say they haven’t done this.
  • Only 21% of Americans say they have lied about why they were running late or where they are vs. 31% globally. Biggest liars are the Filipinos where 57% admitted to lying about why they were late or their location.

The US and the UK lead the way in mobile functions that require 3G access:

  • 26% of US respondents use email on their cell phone on a regular basis vs. 17% globally
  • 26% of Americans browse the internet from their phone vs. 17% globally. (In the UK 31% browse via phone)
  • Eleven percent say they social network regularly via mobile, again led by the UK (17%) and the US (15%).

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