“Framework for a Safe Internet:

Know the facts, understand the issues, shape the future.”

The Safe Internet Alliance, today hosted a Capitol Hill educational event and discussion entitled,

The event featured three expert panels of a diverse group of panelists, from technology and software companies including AOL and Microsoft to industry associations like the National Cable and Telecommunications Association.

The event commenced with a keynote speech from Commissioner Pamela Jones Harbour of the Federal Trade Commission who stressed the importance of cross-collaboration between the government and private sector in developing safe Internet initiatives. In her speech Commissioner Harbour also highlighted emerging crime patterns against consumers online and different methods of user empowerment.

The three panels explored perspectives of internet users in the U.S., online risks and cyber crime in the U.S., ways to make the Internet safe and the emerging technologies  that will offer to aid in creating a safe Internet.

“Safe Internet Alliance launched in May, to bring together the many voices and stakeholders involved in online safety and cyber security issues,” said Linda Criddle, president of Safe Internet Alliance. “Today’s event provided a platform for experts in Internet safety and security to share their knowledge, increase public awareness and highlight the demand for a safe Internet.”

“Having an accurate, collective understanding of the Internet’s opportunities is critical to creating a framework where the industry, organizations, lawmakers and consumers can meaningfully address concerns around privacy, safety and security,” Criddle continued. “We hope after today’s event that the members of Congress, Congressional staff, and public who attended understand this and will consider the Safe Internet Alliance an umbrella resource for any issue related to creating a safe Internet across the full spectrum of online services.”


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